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Re: Bell in caption when hardstatus is ignore

From: David Woodfall
Subject: Re: Bell in caption when hardstatus is ignore
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:36:55 +0000
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On (13/03/18 08:34), Amadeusz Sławiński <address@hidden> put forth the 
On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 05:24:40 +0000
David Woodfall <address@hidden> wrote:

On (13/03/18 05:01), Dave Woodfall <address@hidden> put forth the proposition:
>On (13/03/18 04:52), Dave Woodfall <address@hidden> put forth the proposition:
>>I've recently made a couple of binds to toggle the hardstatus. I can
>>turn it on with the string command, or set it to ignore.
>>I've just noticed though that when it is set to ignore I don't get my
>>visual bell in the caption window item. I still get a message about a
>>bell in window N. If I turn back on the hardstatus then the window
>>name starts to follow the rendition settings that I'm using.
>>So is there a way of getting the caption window name to follow the
>>rendition when hardstatus isn't visible?
>>I thought I'd seen an escape code for use in caption and hartdstatus
>>once, but I can't find it now.
>>Thanks for any suggestions.
>Strange. I just got a bell with hardstatus on ignore. Needs more data
>I think.

Well it seems that the bell rendition does not show either way, unless
I do a toggle of the hardstatus.

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can you provide exact list of steps to reproduce the problem?


In .screenrc:

rendition bell "=bB w"
bind s hardstatus ignore
bind q hardstatus alwayslastline

Open a new screen window and do:

sleep 5 && printf "\a"

Switch back to first screen window and wait.
You can experiment with the hardstatus shown or not. I seem to get
mixed results.

screen 4.06.02 (GNU) 23-Oct-17

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