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question: action on reattach

From: otheus uibk
Subject: question: action on reattach
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 23:19:53 +0100

Greetings! And thank you all wholeheartedly to all for maintaining this software. I've been using it since 1991.

I have some questions:
1. As a redhat7 user, I am currently gifted with screen 4.1.0. Does anyone have any idea what it will take to bump up to the most recent stable version? 

2. Does the recent stable version also ship with a .spec file that works and is tested? If not, are there major differences in the build process or install manifest?

3. A feature I sorely miss is the ability to trigger an action on re-attach. As a partial solution, I can exploit the SIGWINCH-on-resize behavior to do this, but I must pick up the mouse and resize the screen (horrors!) on my graphical terminal window. The motivation for having this is to trigger updates to shell environment variables which point to authentication agents, such as gpg-agent and ssh-agent and X11-forwarding stuff. If this feature already exists, can someone tell me the earliest version?

Thanks in advance

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