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Improving sed's manual

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Improving sed's manual
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2016 15:33:13 -0500


I've started working on improving sed's manual.
It's far from complete, but feedback is welcomed.

Generally, I'm aiming for the following:
1. Many more examples, embedded throughout the text.
2. examples are as self-contained as possible (e.g. including full command 
line, and 
input and output where it's not obvious what the output should be)
3. expand regexp section, make ERE a standard section (not an appendix)
4. burrow several regexp sections from 'grep', and adjust for sed (e.g. bracket 
5. an "overview" at every new chapter, written with simple examples

6. reorder command lists differently (e.g. not "commands for SED gurus", but 
more like "branching and flow control commands")
7. expand and document locale effects
8. expand on sed's advanced topics (e.g. buffers, cycles, etc.) but move it to 
a later point in the manual.

To save space, I'm not attaching the large patch.
It is available here (messy commits, not finalized):

Compare new-vs-current "table of content" (and the entire manual):

Please disregard the CSS, it is a temporary style that just slightly nicer than 
the default 'make info' output.

Comments are very welcomed, both in phrasing/grammar/spelling and in 
 - assaf

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