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Re: windows binaries gsed latest. where

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: windows binaries gsed latest. where
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:23:06 -0700
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On 2017-11-20 03:49 PM, j d wrote:
    This is my first post to sed-devel.
    I am not even sure this would be the right gsed group or mail list for

This is indeed the best place to post general questions about GNU sed.

    I dabble in all versions of sed, as a personal user/hobbyist.
    My platform is microsoft WINDOWS.
    Have been googling for a month
     trying to download the WINDOWS binaries.
    No luck.

    All I can find is an old verion 4.2.1 circa 2009.

Generally, we (GNU sed developers) do not provide
compiled binaries at all.
We publish the source code, and other distributions
provide the binaries (such as Ubuntu, RedHat, etc.).

For Windows,
The recommended way to easily install GNU software
is by using Cygwin ( ).

Installing the cygwin environment will provide you
with compiled versions of GNU sed and many other GNU programs
(and many many non-gnu programs).

It was easy to compile a 64-bit EXE file, and I've put it here:
Please remember it is unofficial and unsupported version.

The checksum for the file is:

$ sha1sum sed-4.4.89-490b.exe
67d507f7e1c12d1de025732a2422a131f8eaabf1  sed-4.4.89-490b.exe

$ sha256sum sed-4.4.89-490b.exe
49bfc79f30e7f40f40a847ea6a98738aac3317bbdbdef917ee0349635850da55 sed-4.4.89-490b.exe

$ sha512sum sed-4.4.89-490b.exe
acc45047020de05d7bbc49aa5d5dba888ac06e4d8f10b62db4b0a9d2149867d12fcc3e8588e11731e39f9db8fcb0d62627b5ec47f830bdd7591b2c36b57de804 sed-4.4.89-490b.exe

 - assaf

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