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Repository for historical SED versions

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Repository for historical SED versions
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 23:16:03 -0600
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Hi Jim and all,

In recent bug#30794 you listed several older sed versions
(including some that are not available on or cvs/git).

This prompted me to try to collect past versions and put them
into one git repository. I added all the versions I found here:

This is a separate git repository that does not affect sed's
main repository in any way.

You listed some versions which I couldn't find (4.0{a,e}) -
if you have the source code for them - can you share it with me?
I'll add them to the repository.

I'm also missing 2.04 and any version prior to 1.14 -
if anyone has them please share.

comments welcomed,
 - assaf

To use this repository:

Anonymous git access:
  git clone git://
Read/Write Access:
  git clone <user>

Web Access:

When using this repository, please be aware that it might
be rewritten during the next couple of days (requiring --force etc.)

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