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nls and i18n

From: Henning
Subject: nls and i18n
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2019 10:40:46 +0200
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When compiling utilities like sed I want to ensure two things:

1. I don't need non-english man/info pages, error messages or the like.
   My guess is that I dont want internationalization/native language
   support and that I need to give configure the option --disable-nls.

2. I don't want to have to do anything with utf-8, unicode, multibyte
   sequences and the like. My locale is always pure C w/o UTF8, that
   is, usually C.CP850 or C.CP437. I'm heavily using characters
   0x80-0xFF as meta characters i.e. in sed scripts or box drawing
   Only once in my life I tried a utf8 locale - all sed scripts would
   have had to be re-written. So I never tried it again. I simply
   don't need it.
   I think, --disable-i18n might be my option.

But there are also --with(out)-libiconv-prefix and

I would be glad If someone could shed some light on all this.


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