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Re: A question of multiple "-e" commands in one command line.

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: A question of multiple "-e" commands in one command line.
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2019 20:59:38 -0700
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On 2019-11-15 6:24 p.m., George R Goffe wrote:
I'm hoping that this question is sent to the "right" forum.

This is indeed the right forum (assuming you are using GNU sed).

I use sed to edit html files. I perform multiple actions on these files. When I string the 
"-e" commands together I get a different result from when I string 2 "-e" sets. 
I'm a little confused due to my lack of regex and sed experience.

sed --posix -E -i -e 's@  *@ @g' -e 's@\n@@' -e 's@\r@@' -e 's@>@>\r\n @g' -e 
'/^$/d' -e '/^ $/d' file1

diff file1 file2

From a cursory look, I can think of one exapmle case that will result in
a difference: you are adding a "\n" in one of the regexes, and
subsequent '/^ $/' regex won't catch it (as the pattern space now has
two lines):

$ printf ">\n" | sed -e 's@>@>\r\n @g' -e '/^ $/d' | od -c
0000000   >  \r  \n      \n

$ printf ">\n" | sed -e 's@>@>\r\n @g' | sed -e '/^ $/d' | od -c
0000000   >  \r  \n

If the above doesn't solve the issue,
and because you are mentioning manipulating both "\r" and "\n",
few more questions to help us troubleshoot the issue:

1. Which platform are you using (e.g windows, cygwin, GNU/Linux, etc.) ?

2. Which sed version are you using (sed --version) ?

3. Is reproducible ?

4. Does the same happen if you using redirection to save the output
instead of using "sed -i" ?

5. Can you show the output of "diff" using "od -c" to verify which
characters are different, e.g.:
    diff file1 file2 | od -c

 - assaf

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