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new snapshot available: sed-4.7.19-5d15

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: sed-4.7.19-5d15
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 21:21:02 -0800

There's been no sed-per-se-modifying change since the first snapshot,
but there have been several build and test improvements.
I'm hoping to make the release on Monday or Tuesday.
Thanks for any testing you can do before then.

sed snapshot:      1.3 MB

Changes in sed since 4.7.13-3c1e:

Jim Meyering (6):
      maint: once again distribute .tar.gz files
      tests: handle missing perl
      tests: avoid hpux11 test failure
      sed: avoid MSVC build failure
      tests: remove valgrind-added diagnostics from stderr
      build: update gnulib to latest (for updated perl.m4)

Changes in gnulib since 4.7.13-3c1e:

* gnulib a7903da07...6b9d15b8b (11):
  > perl: require the "warnings" module
  > Fix major regression from 2020-01-04.
  > c32snrtombs: Add tests.
  > c32snrtombs: New module.
  > c32srtombs: Add tests.
  > c32srtombs: New module.
  > c32tob: Make consistent with mbrtoc32.
  > c32rtomb: Add tests.
  > c32rtomb: New module.
  > mbrtoc32: Use the system's mbrtoc32 if it exists and basically works.
  > wcrtomb: Make multithread-safe, except possibly on IRIX.

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