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Allowing delimiters other than newline and NUL?

From: Peter Boughton
Subject: Allowing delimiters other than newline and NUL?
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 17:13:25 +0000
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Every so often I find a task that would be easy with sed, if only I could use a delimiter other than newline.

It can be achieved with a couple of tr calls to swap delimiters for NUL character and using sed -z, for example...

        cat input.txt | tr ',' '\0' | sed -z -e '...' | tr '\0' ','

...but I was thinking, *why* can't I just specify a delimiter directly?

Given the -z option exists the code must handle it in some fashion, so I grabbed the source and had a look and I've ended up with a local copy that simplifies the above to:

        sed -d',' -e '...' input.txt

I think that's a useful feature - do others agree?

If so, should I go ahead and add docs+tests+etc and submit a patch?



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