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[skribilo-users] Customising the ConTeXt engine

From: Roger Mason
Subject: [skribilo-users] Customising the ConTeXt engine
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:54:49 -0330
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I wish to customise the context engine using pre-defined styles.  I call
skribilo on a document document like this:

skribilo --reader=outline -t context --custom=user-style=manuscript.tex -o \
test-org-skribilo.tex test-org-skribilo.skb

The output ConTeXt document contains the preamble:

% interface=en output=pdftex
%%%% -*- TeX -*-
%%%% File automatically generated by Skribilo 0.9.3

\input skribe-context-book.tex
\input manuscript.tex

I thought the customisation would _replace_ the default \input ... to give:

\input manuscript.tex

What am I doing wrong?


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