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[skribilo-users] Problems compiling skribilo

From: Michael Vehrs
Subject: [skribilo-users] Problems compiling skribilo
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 10:08:29 +0100
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I am unsuccessfully attempting to compile skribilo on Debian 8.6 (Jessie). When running autoreconf, I see the following warning: warning: The 'AM_PROG_MKDIR_P' macro is deprecated, and its use is discouraged. You should use the Autoconf-provided 'AC_PROG_MKDIR_P' macro instead, and use '$(MKDIR_P)' instead of '$(mkdir_p)'in your files.

When running configure, I see the following error:

./configure: line 5416: GUILE_PROGS: command not found
./configure: line 5417: GUILE_SITE_DIR: command not found
checking for guild... /usr/local/bin/guild
./configure: line 5476: syntax error near unexpected token `system'
./configure: line 5476: `GUILE_MODULE_REQUIRED(system reader)'

Any suggestions?



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