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[skribilo-users] No Skribilo entry in Info-mode

From: nly
Subject: [skribilo-users] No Skribilo entry in Info-mode
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 01:12:55 +0530

Skribilo's info pages do not show up in Emacs's Info-mode directory. I
refer to the main screen which can be opened with (C-h i) or M-x info.

Then I tried to force add skribilo's entry to a Info directory file.

$ install-info .guix-profile/share/info/ ~/info/dir
install-info: warning: no info dir entry in 

However, it appears there is no "dir entry" in skribilo manual. Is it
because of missing part like this?
@dircategory Skribilo
* Skribilo: (texinfo).           The Universal documentation format.
@end direntry

I am running this on a pretty up-to-date(0.16) Guix system(GNU/Linux

Source: Installing Info Directory Files (node in TexInfo manual)

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