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Re: Continuous integration for skribilo

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Continuous integration for skribilo
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 09:55:58 +0530

Hi Jonathan,

> I noticed the recent commit switches the Emacs minor mode from Skribe
> to Skribilio, any idea whether it more than just a namechange?

skribilo-mode is a completely new implementation. I wrote it
recently. See
for related discussion.

> Cool! Perhaps rather than just the HTML cruft the overviews existed as
> a Finger (type!) status?

Yes, that would be a cool addition to Laminar!

> Such an approach could help alleviate or complement interfacing issues
> concerning hooks (if not reduce CI's environmental footprint if people
> were to commit to being the next builder (a CI builer queue?)).

I don't know how to ensure availability without some trust among the
peers servicing the queue. Besides, how is the environmental footprint
lower if the builds are distributed among different peers? In both
setups, there's still one build happening somewhere in the world.

>> I'm CCing Jonathan since he wished to be notified when I had set up CI
>> for skribilo.
> Im pleased to be informed but am already an avid follower of this ML.

Cool! :-)


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