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Re: Continuous integration for skribilo

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Continuous integration for skribilo
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 09:41:55 +0530

Hi Ludo,

Do you think I should put the badges somewhere on the skribilo website?

>> These jobs are triggered by a post-receive hook in a mirror of the
>> skribilo git repo hosted on my server and published at
>> . Unfortunately, this means that
>> only I can trigger rebuilds. It would have been better if savannah
>> exposed a web hook or similar.
> I suppose you could always poll…

Yes, I plan to do that sometime. But, it is quite crude and offends my
sensibilities! :-P

I also plan to set up a CI job for the skribilo website so that the
website is updated automatically on each git push. But, of course, I'll
first do this for a copy of the website on my own server. Later, we may
consider automating deployment to the savannah hosted website. But, that
is going to be tricky with CVS access and what not. My idea is that we
should automate all the small things away so that maintenance of
skribilo becomes very easy.


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