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Literate Programming

From: Phil
Subject: Literate Programming
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 11:51:20 +0100
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I was wondering how easy it is to make a document in Skribilio that
would simultaneously be a module/library I can include as part of a
wider program, and the documentation for that module/library?

In Racket's Scribble it seems this is possible as per:

I can see that this is probably possible if I make each module an
executable program that produces it's own documentation using Scheme
Syntax (,
rather than using Skribe or markup-less forms.

To do this my guess is I'd have the contents of the module, followed by
the code that generated the documenation and somehow reference the
module code above.

This in itself would be cool, but I was wondering if there was a way to
interleave description and source code more like in Racket, or perhaps 
Emacs-Org's Tangle?

Any ideas or basic examples of this available I can build on?

If Skribilo doesn't fit the bill any other ideas about what can be used
to document and publish Guile source code (like doxygen or sphinx)?


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