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Re: DB error in crontab

From: Todd Fleisher
Subject: Re: DB error in crontab
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 13:29:55 -0700

It seem you may have a Berkley DB problem on your system. From


The DB_ENV->log_archive method may fail and return a non-zero error for the following conditions:

An invalid flag value or parameter was specified.

The log was corrupted.

The DB_ENV->log_archive method may fail and return a non-zero error for errors specified for other Berkeley DB and C library or system functions. If a catastrophic error has occurred, the DB_ENV->log_archive method may fail and return DB_RUNRECOVERY, in which case all subsequent Berkeley DB calls will fail in the same way.

I’d recommend checking that your DB is not corrupt and consider re-building it to see if you have better luck. You might also want to see if re-building/installing the SKS software on the system helps. I’m using the bionic package from: so no build was required and I have not had any issues with the same cron job.


On Sep 5, 2020, at 16:39, Dan via SKS development and deployment list <> wrote:

Not on my end. Watch:

root@jupiter:/var/lib/sks# db_archive -d -h PTree
db_archive: BDB1566 DB_ENV->log_archive interface requires an environment configured for the logging subsystem
db_archive: DB_ENV->log_archive: Invalid argument

On 9/5/2020 5:35 PM, Skip Carter wrote:
What args are you using ?

For me:   db_archive -d -h PTree
just silently runs with no errors

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