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Re: [Slib-discuss] error with Gambit 4.9.3

From: Aubrey Jaffer
Subject: Re: [Slib-discuss] error with Gambit 4.9.3
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 2021 21:35:04 -0500

Nick Gasson <> writes:

 | If I use the wrapper script to start Gambit I get the following
 | error:
 | $ slib gsi
 | *** ERROR -- Ill-formed special form: syntax-error
 | (##syntax-error %%%%tmp92101)
 | This is caused by the "-:s" option which selects "standard Scheme mode"
 | as opposed to "Gambit Scheme mode". It works just fine if I remove the
 | -:s from, but I'm not sure if there was a reason for it being
 | there originally?

"-:s" has been there since the original "" was created in 2003.

I installed gambc (4.8.8-3.1) on Ubuntu and it starts successfully both
with and without -:s.  However, with -:s, "./ gsi" accepts:
  (define :: 5)
but not without -:s.
According to R5RS, :: is a valid identifier.

Which version of Gambit are you running?  Perhaps there has been a
recent change in its behavior. seems to be down

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 | Thanks,
 | Nick
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