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[Social-discuss] Feedback from LibrePlanet 2010 conference

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [Social-discuss] Feedback from LibrePlanet 2010 conference
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 17:51:56 -0400
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The FSF held its annual conference last weekend in Boston. Several talks
at the conference mentioned GNU social either by name, or as an effort
that needs to be undertaken by free software hackers.

Two members of the conference, Ian Denhardt (from GNU social) and Ryan
Prior, a student from Wisconsin, gave an impromptu brainstorm on GNU
social, with PubSub, OAuth, OpenID and FOAF mentioned.

I've asked them both to take these ideas, get some initial code working,
so we can allow a couple of Elgg instances to communicate at first, just
as a proof-of-concept.

Ryan and Ian will be presenting their full ideas on the list in the near

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