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[Social-mediagoblin] evite: contributing howto documentation sprint PART

From: will kahn-greene
Subject: [Social-mediagoblin] evite: contributing howto documentation sprint PARTY -- friday 4/22/2011!
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 13:07:40 -0400
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Hi <person-name-here>!

There are a series of things we need to put together to make an
effective set of documentation for April 30th that will make it easier
for people to jump in the sweet jacuzzi we call the GNU MediaGoblin
project with us and sip strawberry smoothies and play with bubbles and
all that.

I've written up some issues covering these requirements on the bug tracker.

This is your personal hand-typed invitation to the party!


You!  Please come, <person-name-here>!  Your thoughts make this
documentation better!



I propose we sprint and tackle one of the more important ones tomorrow,
Friday, April 22, 2011 from 8 am ET to 8 pm ET.

Anytime you want to drop by, read what we've wrangled so far, and fix
everything is fine by me!  I'll try to lurk in the pad session during
that time.

If you're into pre-party shenanigans, I've obviously got the pad going
already, so feel free to come over for the pre-party.


Additional bits

* No need to RSVP, respond to this email, add a comment to the issue,
contact me telepathically, or drive anywhere.

* Feel free to bring a date!


* If you don't want to fiddle with the pad, feel free to email me your
thoughts and I'll try my best to impersonate you and apply the changes
you think are necessary.


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