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Re: [Social-mediagoblin] Media processing libraries

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: [Social-mediagoblin] Media processing libraries
Date: Sun, 08 May 2011 21:09:30 -0500
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Hi Jonas!

For now, PIL seems to be working well enough, but good to know about
your project, perhaps it will be useful in the future.  I'm also
planning on using gstreamer in python for the audio / video conversion
for various reasons.

Useful to know about though.  Thanks for taking interest in the project;
we could use more help with people who know about Django related stuff,
so if you'd like to help us out with things we'd love to have you get

"Jonas H." <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi MediaGoblin hackers!
> (tl;wr: skip the next two paragraphs)
> I did a similar project few months ago (a Django Web site that lets
> you upload images and videos that are then processed -- thumbnails for
> images and videos, conversion to other formats for videos) and had the
> need for Python libraries to do thumbnailing/conversions.
> I quickly dropped PIL because it's too limited (doesn't understand
> lots of formats and creates very ugly thumbnails) and decided to use
> ImageMagick and FFmpeg.
> Because I couldn't find decent ImageMagick/FFmpeg bindings for Python,
> I wrote some myself. If you ever decide to use FFmpeg for video/image
> processing, feel free to use these libraries (all BSD licensed):
> -- `ffmpeg` commandline
> abstraction: nice interface to ffmpeg command line options, proper
> error handling, abstracts conversions into "Jobs" including progress
> tracking. Provides two high-level functions to do format conversions
> and thumbnail generation (from videos).
> -- `mediainfo` commandline
> abstraction. MediaInfo is a pretty good media metadata recognition
> program (the best free one I can find). This is a rather thin wrapper
> around MediaInfo's unwieldy interface.
> -- very small wrapper around
> ImageMagick's `convert` command for generating thumbnails from images
> and adding captions.
> If you find any of these useful but need to do modifications, feel
> free to send patches... :-)
> Cheers,
> Jonas


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