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RE: No spamassassin headers being added

From: Patrick Monnerat
Subject: RE: No spamassassin headers being added
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 17:36:08 +0200

I think I've found the cause of the problem: this is spamd... not the

The init.d script of spamd uses the -a flag when starting it, causing
spamassassin to deal with auto-whitelists.
The default configuration option of spamassassin for the auto-whitelist file
is in a user directory.
User "nobody" has no user directory!...and spamassassin does not like it.

For the moment, I have suppressed the "-a" option in the init.d script:
another possible quick-n'dirty action would be to change the auto-whitelist
file name to some system-wide file in the configuration. Either action
suppress the ability for spamd to deal with user auto-whitelist files.

Maybe someone who knows perl programming (I don't!) may submit a
spamd/spamassassin patch, allowing it to be used either in system-wide or in
user mode !?!?!

I hope it helps

Patrick Monnerat

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