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Re: Explanation of error messages.

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: Explanation of error messages.
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 11:29:36 -0500
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In the last episode (Sep 19), Ron Snyder said:
> > Return should never segfault :)  Try the "disassemble" gdb command and
> > see what the code at 0xb94d is doing (i.e. see if it's really a ret
> > instruction).  Maybe gdb is lying.  Actually, since a C++ string was
> > allocated in read_pipe, it might be segfaulting in the destructor.
> I've included some context around 0xb94d to help...
> 0xb920 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2828>:        addl   $0x18,%esp
> 0xb923 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2831>:        pushl  $0xadf4
> 0xb928 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2836>:        pushl  $0x2
> 0xb92a <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2838>:        call   0xba68 <debug__FiPCce>
^^^ debug(2, "read %d bytes");
> 0xb92f <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2843>:        addl   $0x10,%esp
> 0xb932 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2846>:        addl   $0xfffffff8,%esp
> 0xb935 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2849>:        pushl  $0xae02
> 0xb93a <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2854>:        pushl  $0x1
> 0xb93c <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2856>:        call   0xba68 <debug__FiPCce>
^^^ debug(1, "::read_pipe exit");
> 0xb941 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2861>:        movl   0xfffffb18(%ebp),%eax
> 0xb947 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2867>:        movl   0x4(%eax),%edx
> 0xb94a <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2870>:        movl   0x4(%edx),%eax
> 0xb94d <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2873>:        movl   (%eax),%eax
> 0xb94f <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2875>:        movl   %eax,0x4(%edx)
> 0xb952 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2878>:        movl   0xfffffbfc(%ebp),%ecx
> 0xb958 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2884>:        leal   0xfffffff0(%ecx),%edi
> 0xb95b <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2887>:        movl   0xfffffff8(%ecx),%eax
> 0xb95e <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2890>:        leal   0xffffffff(%eax),%edx
> 0xb961 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2893>:        movl   %edx,0xfffffff8(%ecx)
> 0xb964 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2896>:        cmpl   $0x1,%eax
> 0xb967 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2899>:        jne    0xb9a0 
> <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2956>
> 0xb969 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2901>:        movl   0xfffffff4(%ecx),%edx
> 0xb96c <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2904>:        leal   0x10(%edx),%eax
> 0xb96f <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2907>:        cmpl   $0x80,%eax
> 0xb974 <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2912>:        jbe    0xb984 
> <read_pipe__12SpamAssassin+2928>
^^^ Everything here must be the destructor for "reason", since there is
no code between the last debug and "return size;".

This could be caused by memory corruption that happened earlier.  Try
setting the enviroment variable MALLOC_OPTIONS="AJ" before starting
spamass-milter, and see if instead of a segfault, you get a
malloc-initiated abort().

        Dan Nelson

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