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Re: Milter hangs, revisited

From: Terry Kennedy
Subject: Re: Milter hangs, revisited
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 18:29:43 -0500 (EST)

  Pardon the long report, but there is a solution at the end which might
be useful to other folks...

> According to this, the spamass-milter sent the entire message to spamc,
> closed the send pipe, and is waiting for the results.  After 3 minutes
> sendmail gives up.  According to your ps output, there isn't even a
> spamc running.  All read_pipe does is read from the recv pipe connected
> to spamc, so if spamc isn't there the read() should return 0.  Try
> changing the debug line on line 922 to read
>     debug(1, "::read_pipe(%d) enter", pipe_io[1][0]);

  Line 984 in my 0.1.2 sources...?

> , run it again, make a note of the file number in the log, then run
> lsof -p <spamass-milter-pid>, and see what that filedescriptor is
> connected to, if anything.

Nov 12 18:28:43 test1 spamass-milter[8474]: ::read_pipe(8) enter
(0:327) test1:/usr/local/src/spamass-milter-0.1.2# lsof | grep 8474
spamass-m 8474   root  cwd   VDIR      3,0,3       1024 238112 
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,0      21422    177 /shlib/
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,3     449212 286875 
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,3     322505 420812 
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,0      87797    190 
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,0      56508    224 
spamass-m 8474   root  txt   VREG      3,0,0     982614    271 
spamass-m 8474   root    0u  VCHR      5,0,0    0t48097    867 /dev/ttyp0
spamass-m 8474   root    1u  VCHR      5,0,0    0t48097    867 /dev/ttyp0
spamass-m 8474   root    2u  VCHR      5,0,0    0t48097    867 /dev/ttyp0
spamass-m 8474   root    3u  unix 0xe3a3ca00        0t0        ->0xe3b03b00
spamass-m 8474   root    4u  unix 0xe43ae700        0t0        
spamass-m 8474   root    5u  unix 0xe4469900        0t0        
spamass-m 8474   root    8r  unix 0xf0380300        0t0        ->0xe438cc00

  I think this means that lsof can't find a useful structure to fish a file-
name out of for that descriptor.

> I find it interesting that there are no spamd logs.  In my maillog I
> get lines like this (my syslogd is set to log and higher to
> maillog).
> Nov 12 15:45:59 <2.6> dan spamd[942]: connection from localhost [] 
> at port 52771
> Nov 12 15:45:59 <2.6> dan spamd[7877]: processing message <address@hidden> 
> for root:26, expecting 4527 bytes.
> Nov 12 15:46:04 <2.6> dan spamd[7877]: clean message (-1.4/5.0) for root:26 
> in 5.4 seconds, 4527 bytes.

  I get that sort of logging if I do "spamc < test", but not with the milter.

> Maybe spamc is not getting called at all?  If you have process
> accounting enabled, run "lastcomm | less" and verify that spamc got
> run.

  Yup, no invocation of spamc.

  I started sprinkling debug() logging throughout the code immediately fol-
lowing the fork() call and before the execvp() call. I lost logging after
the closeall() call. The milter apparently never came back from a syscall
to close(5) which is the socket. I commented out the closeall() and managed
to successfully get mail through the milter and properly tagged.

  I'm a bit nervous running with the closeall() commented out, though.

  Any ideas on why this is happening and a better workaround?

  Also, given the difference in line numbers between your source and mine,
I expect there are some suggested patches I'm missing. Can you recommend
a list of patches?


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