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RE: latest spam-milter

From: Ron Snyder
Subject: RE: latest spam-milter
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:10:03 -0800

> This trace looks vaguely familiar, in that according to the assembly,
> it's crashing after the last line in the function.  Which means it's
> crashing in a C++ destructor.  Wait a minute.  You're that 
> same guy! :)

Yep.  I saw that you submitted changes to fix the zeroing malloc thing and
thought I'd give it a try.

> I wish gdb would put correct debugging information in destructor code
> so I could tell what's actually crashing.
> You might want to try the CVS version if you're not already 
> using it; I
> fixed a couple of big-ish bugs this weekend relating to memory
> corruption.

Ah. I'll sync my cvs tonight. (I have Friday's version.)


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