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Question about header modifications and MIME content-types

From: Terry Kennedy
Subject: Question about header modifications and MIME content-types
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 16:00:24 -0400 (EDT)

  I'm running SpamAssassin 2.43 configured out-of-the-box with spamass-milter
0.1.2, and I've run into content-type mangling issues. If a message is flagged
as spam, SpamAssassin includes the usual body preface saying what tests trig-
gered the spam warning. But if the existing body is something other than a
regularly-viewable text message (like Base64), the mail user agent can become
confused and display gibberish in some cases, or fail to decode the body part
in other cases.

  I realize I'm out-of-date regarding current the spamass-milter development
version, but before I download all the latest bits, I was wondering if there
was either a) anyone else with experience with this, and/or b) a new packaged
spamass-milter kit on the horizon.

        Terry Kennedy   
        address@hidden             New York, NY USA

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