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Re: IP based access control to milters

From: Gustavo Chaves
Subject: Re: IP based access control to milters
Date: 02 Jan 2003 10:48:18 -0200
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>>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan van Hienen <address@hidden> writes:

  Stephan> Can you share this 'patch' ? (or is is there already
  Stephan> something included in spamass-milter for this in 0.1.3a ?)
  Stephan> I also have a mailserver that needs to send out a few
  Stephan> thousand emails (mailinglist) Now all these emails are
  Stephan> being scanned, which takes some time Would be nice to say:
  Stephan> I trust these subnets, so don't scan them with spamassassin

Sure.  See attached the unified diffs for spamass-milter.h and
spamass-milter.cpp, but note that this patch should be applied to the
0.1.2 sources.  I haven't had yet the time to check the 0.1.3
version.  Note in particular that my patch also adds an option (-B) to
tell the milter to avoid changing the body of the message and I know
that the version 0.1.3 implements this.

(Its probably my first C++ code since 1996 and it certainly shows.
Take this into account and don't expect too much. :-))


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