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Re: refactoring(!) retrieve_field

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: refactoring(!) retrieve_field
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:39:06 -0600
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In the last episode (Jan 19), Ronan Waide said:
> Okay, I actually debugged that rewritten version of retrieve_field I
> posted last week or the week before. It actually works now, rather
> than getting stuck in an infinite loop. Note there is still one major
> caveat: it will only find the first occurrence of a given header.
> With the fairly restricted use that's made of it in spamass-milter, I
> don't think this is a major issue.

Looks good.  I'll commit it this week.  Matching the first header is
all we need; smfi_chgheader() is only ever called with a hdridx of 1.

        Dan Nelson

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