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Re: spamass-milter stops forking new childs?

From: Dave Ellenberger
Subject: Re: spamass-milter stops forking new childs?
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 18:02:42 +0100

> Anyone ever tried to create a redudant spamass-milter? I
> could setup 3 IP
> aliases on the spamassassin-milter server and create a host
> with 3 IN A
> records. Is this a stupid Idea? :-)

I setup 4 new ip aliases with ifconfig on my mailserver,

I symlinked spamass-milter to sa-milter1, sa-milter2, sa-milter3, sa-milter4
and started for each IP address a milter daemon.

Then I created 4 new DNS entries on "db.localhost" on local BIND9, which I'm
using to speed up DNS RBL lookups:
milter          IN A
milter          IN A
milter          IN A
milter          IN A

To make gethostbyaddress( not fail I also created reverse lookups
for those IP addresses which point back to milter.localhost.

In I entered <port>@milter.localhost as milter include.

Now I created a script which is checking the 4 processes and restarting
those which are dead.

It works OK, only when all 4 are dead (this doesn't seem to happen on my
system) the milter mail parse will be skipped... But this can't be the final
solution to use spamass-milter :-)


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