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Re: connection level whitelist/blacklists anyone?

From: Chuck Yerkes
Subject: Re: connection level whitelist/blacklists anyone?
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 00:43:36 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.4i

I'm just thinking a file (or a DB for higher volume machines,
perhaps the access map with a Tag) that causes SA Milter to
return immediately with a Yeah without bothering spamassassin.

Using the access map model:
SPAMASS:               ALLOW
SPAMASS:127::1                  ALLOW
SPAMASS:192.168                 ALLOW

For denials, check_mail will use the access map before a milter
ever gets a chance to see it.

Milter can open the access map and read it once on startup,
snagging all the entries that start with SPAMASS
(#define acccesstag SPAMASS) or doing per connection, which
allows access map changes to take effect immediately.

More requests for the bored(? :)
different reject levels per user and/or domain.

I host mail to several domains, but they have different needs  blocks at 15  blocks at  5
  address@hidden blocks at 5000

Working with an ISP where some users just never want nothing
blocked.  Be a big plus to let them lookup the reject level
based on who its to.

It would be neat to have the sendmail map.c routines from a
library, get automatic support for LDAP if sendmail supports
LDAP; ibid HESIOD or map-du-jour.

mail comes to two people you host.  One would reject it.
Now you have to split the message.  Ouch.

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