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Re: Patch 411

From: Ronan Waide
Subject: Re: Patch 411
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 17:58:52 +0100

On June 3, address@hidden said:
> In the last episode (Jun 03), Jason Granat said:
> > This is something I would like to do, redirect mail tagged as spam to
> > a specific account.  Where can I find this patch and how do I use it?
> It's at
> I've just made a bunch of updates to the CVS tree, so this most likely
> won't apply without manual editing.  I'm trying to think of a generic
> way to handle options like this before committing it.  You've got a
> couple cases:
>  Reject spam (already in the code as -r)
>  Replace all recipients with a single recipient (patch 411)
>  Add a CC to another recipient (say to a global spambox for tracking
>    purposes)
> Maybe I'll just commit 411 and add another flag for the CC case.

Here's an updated version.

Note, all I've done here is made the patch apply. I've not tested it.


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