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Re: whitelisting recipients

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: whitelisting recipients
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 13:38:51 -0500
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In the last episode (Jun 04), Derek J. Balling said:
> On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at 01:23  PM, Dan Nelson wrote:
> >You clipped the bottom part of my original message off, which mentioned
> >that it'd be relatively easy to have spamass-milter add Resent-To: and
> >Resent-From: headers containing the envelope data before passing the
> >message to spamc.  So no it currently doesn't pass the envelope info to
> >SA, but I'll add it :)
> But that's not a Resent-(To,From) situation. Maybe you want to add 
> X-Rcpt-To: and X-Mail-From: headers?
> Resent-* headers are clearly defined for a given purpose and don't 
> apply to what we're talking about here.

I originally wanted to use Resent-* because of all the special-casing
in Spamassasin that check for Resent-* /instead/ of other headers if
they exist.  But I guess we do still want to check From: etc, so I'll
insert X-Envelope-From: and X-Envelope-To: headers, which SA should use
in addition to the other headers in the message.

        Dan Nelson

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