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Re: [Crosspost] Strange issues with user preferences and spamass-milter

From: Cassandra Lynette Brockett
Subject: Re: [Crosspost] Strange issues with user preferences and spamass-milter
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 12:43:27 -0700

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From: "Dan Nelson" <address@hidden>
To: "Cassandra Lynette Brockett" <address@hidden>
Cc: <address@hidden>;
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 9:50 AM
Subject: Re: [Crosspost] Strange issues with user preferences and

<snipped for brevity>
> Whitelist entries for remote addresses should work fine from a milter;
> they work for me at least..

Unfortunately whitelisting does not seem to be working here at all from the
milter...  Neither site-wide nor user_prefs nor database entries seem to
rate things...

> There _is_ a difference between running spamassassin from a milter and
> running it from procmail, though.  The milter hooks are at the message
> receipt stage of sendmail processing, so you're seeing the message
> exactly at the remote system sent it.  Procmail sees the message after
> it has been routed through sendmail, so the most obvious thing you'll
> see is an extra Received: header for the local machine.  Depending on
> your masquerading rules, your From: and To: headers may be modified as
> well.  Notice that the message size is different on the "clean message"
> lines.

Yes, I had noticed the size change... I knew it was from the additional
headers, but I had forgotton which one(s) would be modified... hmm....

> If this particular list is only identified by its envelope FROM
> address, then the first SA run will not see it at all.  Sendmail adds a
> "Return-path:" header to the top of each message with this info, so
> your second SA run from procmail can see it.  I'm thinking about adding
> an option to spamass-milter that inserts the envelope header lines into
> the message header during the SA check to work around this.

I don't know which header is actually the one being checked for the
USER_IN_WHITELIST test, but the following headers contain the (in this case
domain) information that the user has whitelisted :-
>From  (yes, no : at the end there, this one is right at the top of the
message... added in by sendmail perhaps???)
<the "standard" well-formed list headers, eg List-Id, List-Unsunscribe, etc)

And the user is using "whitelist_from  *<listdomain>" as the method of

Just I know (as I've got sort of some free time, I have quite a bit of time
to work on this though - I need the functionality working correctly), which
headers are added by sendmail before it hands it off to procmail?  I already
have one patch I need to write for spamass-milter (a patch to have it check
the local alias database for the local user instead of just sending the To:
user along to spamassassin - and a method of setting it so that it either
does not check outbound messages, or if it does, only ones to "local"
recipients).  Getting that sorted out is high in my list of priorities for
this setup (in fact it's top of my list at the moment).


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