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Re: Corrupted messages...

From: Chuck Yerkes
Subject: Re: Corrupted messages...
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 21:20:24 -0400
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Thanks for the validation that it's not just me, ken.

Quoting Ken Gribble (address@hidden):
> In the last episode (Jun 09), Chuck Yerkes said:
> We are having the same problem with corrupted messages with the same 
> description of missing lines, garbage and other people's email messages 
> inserted into the body of the message. Because it seems to happen 3 or more 
> in a day, I'm curious if it is triggered by a specific spam message hitting 
> the system.

That's my theory too - some character causes the milter to believe
in a premature EOL or something and a buffer overflow - it might
explain why I have problems on OpenBSD (where buffer overflows
are pounded down by the OS).

In the "change one component at a time" way of admin, I've put
Sendmail Commercial Switch onto the machine; it's now running
a different milter that's been built elsewhere and QAd hard
(and is in production at several sites running volumes of mail).
It's also built with a different compiler (I used gcc 2.95.1).

My next step is to follow Dan's advice for hard debugging of MALLOC.
We have log space and time.

On the plus side, it's only corrupting spams :)  It's hard to debug
threaded code.

Another data point:  We found some mail going back before any problems that
didn't have anything in the headers.  Subject: was changed, just no
headers in it.


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