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Re: Spam Box

From: Derek J. Balling
Subject: Re: Spam Box
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:45:34 -0400

On Monday, June 30, 2003, at 12:39 PM, Erik Arneson wrote:

On 30 June 2003, Derek J. Balling <address@hidden> wrote:
[1] We've got a web interface that allows users to set a vacation
message. Doing that mucks about with the .forward file, which is how a
user would enable a per-user procmail/mail::audit rule

A simple way to do this would be to have the web interface enable the
vacation message via a procmail rule.

If this web interface were something we designed-and-maintained I'd agree with you, but since i'm not a big fan of having the patch every subsequent version of the web-vacation interface that comes off the line, that's not really an attractive option.


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