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New Feature - Redirect localpart only

From: Dan O'Brien
Subject: New Feature - Redirect localpart only
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 08:00:28 -0400

Hello, all...

I've been using the SpamAss milter with great success  -- too great, 
perhaps :-)

I've been asked to start filtering for several domains for clients:
None of the clients are using *nix-based mail servers for which 
SpamAssassin integration would be practical or possible.
The volume of mail received by any single mail domain wouldn't necessarily 
warrant a dedicated SpamAssassin server to handle filtering.
I'd like to be able to centrally manage a single SpamAssassin filter 
server, rather than several.

What I'd like the milter to do is to accept a localpart only for the -b 
and -B options:

-b "spam@"

Which would redirect a message addressed to address@hidden to 
address@hidden; if it were addressed to address@hidden it would be 
redirected to address@hidden

This would be very useful to anyone (read: "me" :-) using spamassassin in 
a relay-only environment.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?


Axon Solutions, Inc.           Telephone: 703-845-8400
5827 Columbia Pike #502        Facsimile: 703-845-5568
Falls Church, VA  22041

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