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Sendmail milter weirdness

From: Cassandra Lynette Brockett
Subject: Sendmail milter weirdness
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 00:11:01 -0700

I am not sure where the mix-up here lies, but I have been getting some
strange emails for quite a while... the logs generally follow this form :-

Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline sendmail[31431]: h626tKn31431:
from=<address@hidden>, size=1236, class=0, nrcpts=1,
msgid=<address@hidden>, bodytype=8BITMIME,
proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=[]
Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline spamd[6391]: connection from localhost.localdomain
[] at port 34926
Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline spamd[31433]: check: user 'nobody' is an alias for
'cassflinx' - updated.
Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline spamd[31433]: handle_user: unable to find user
Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline spamd[31433]: Still running as root: user not
specified with -u, not found, or set to root.  Fall back to nobody.
Jul  1 23:55:22 hotline spamd[31433]: processing message (unknown) for
Jul  1 23:55:28 hotline spamd[31433]: identified spam (23.8/5.0) for
cassflinx:99 in 6.0 seconds, 1408 bytes.
Jul  1 23:55:28 hotline spamd[6391]: connection from localhost.localdomain
[] at port 34935
Jul  1 23:55:28 hotline spamd[31442]: info: setuid to localuser succeeded
Jul  1 23:55:28 hotline spamd[31442]: processing message
<address@hidden> for flinx:500.
Jul  1 23:55:34 hotline spamd[31442]: identified spam (24.5/5.0) for
flinx:500 in 5.6 seconds, 3690 bytes.
Jul  1 23:55:34 hotline sendmail[31438]: h626tKn31431:
to=<address@hidden>, delay=00:00:14, xdelay=00:00:06,
mailer=local, pri=31031, dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent

Now we host a few domains here - and the user listed as localuser is one of
the users from the root account aliasing (as listed above, spamd has been
modified to do alias expansions - something I am trying to figure out how to
write in to the milter).

Basically I am wondering if anyone else is having Spamass-milter do the same
thing at their site?

It only happens with some emails too... I've looked at the email that came
in (after delivery) and it came in and it does not seem to actually be
anything weird in there...  It is almost as if the email is coming in
without a user specified - but this is weird as it has been happenening even
after I upgraded to the latest release (which at the time was 0.1.3a+cvs),
that release was supposed to handle that sort of situation - and for most of
the email I used to receive that did strange things like that it did fix
it... however it only ever happens with this one particular user....

Any ideas?


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