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Re: Problems with -b option

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: Problems with -b option
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 13:22:35 -0500
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In the last episode (Jul 03), Anders Herbjornsen said:
> Everything is working just fine except for the '-b' option.
> Most of our mail is sent to an external mail gateway defined in
> like:
> Mgmail, P=<ourprog>, F=DFMPhmnu, S=11/31, R=21, A=<ourprog> $u
> Unfortunately it seems like $u will expand to both the original
> recipient and the new recipient defined with '-b'.
> I can see from the sendmail log that the delrcpt command is
> successful. Also, when serving mail for external domains (through one
> of the SMTP mailers) the '-b' option works ok and only the 'spam
> bucket' address is passed in the envelope.

It sort of sounds like a sendmail bug, if it logs the recipient
deletion but still uses it later on.  What version of sendmail are you
running?  I don't see any milter fixes related to recipient
modification in the release notes, but you never know.

Do you see the same problem when delivering to a local recipient
(root/postmaster for example)?  I ran a quick test and "-b
address@hidden" worked for me.

        Dan Nelson

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