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Re: option -r

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: option -r
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:09:08 -0500
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In the last episode (Jul 16), Andreas Vogt said:
> I recently updated spamass-milter to 0.2.0 (using together with sendmail  
> 8.12.9 and spamassassin 2.54), because I had some Problems using
> Option "-r" on 0.1.3a:
> I'm using options -p .... -f -r 10
> an spamass-milter is using these options!
> (ps ax | grep spamass-milter )
> I can see in /var/log/mail quite a lot of blocked spam
> (... Blocked by spamassassin ...), so it works, partially.
> I (and others) still get recognized and tagged SPAM with scores far
> over 10 points, so spamass-milter sometimes blocks spam, sometimes
> not.
> I couldn't get the differences. First, I thought this could happen,
> as many mails come from a secondary MX MTA, which is allowed to
> connect/relay and I'm usind delayed checks (in sendmail
> configuration). But even mails relayed by this host sometimes are
> blocked, sometimes not.

spamass-milter doesn't treat MXes specially unless it is told about
them with the -i flag.
> So what can I do to get deeper in this problem, to find out  why this  
> happens?

Try adding "-d misc" to your spamass-milter commandline.  That should
generate one line in your maillog for each piece of mail scanned:

spamass-milter[]: SA score: 13
and if the score is above your -r threshold, you should see this line
immediately after:

spamass-milter[]: Rejecting

Then if you get another message that wasn't rejected correctly, go back
into /var/log/maillog, see if you can find the log entries matching
the message, and find out what score spamass-milter thought the message

        Dan Nelson

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