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Re: Why spamass-milter is not a well-behaved daemon?

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: Why spamass-milter is not a well-behaved daemon?
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 23:38:13 -0500
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In the last episode (Oct 16), Michail Vidiassov said:
> is there any reason for spamass-milter, given -f switch, just forking
> and not doing what the other daemons do - detach from terminal,
> redirect output to nul, etc?

No particular reason.  I'll add a call to daemon() to make it do the
right thing.
> The other question is why the debuging information is sent to syslog
> with priority LOG_ERR? That seems a little bit to high for debug
> messages.

I set it to a value that was likely to be logged on all systems.  It's
easier to walk someone through troubleshooting if you don't have to
take the extra step of having them make sure their syslog is set to log
debugging-level messages.  Nothing gets logged at all unless you use
the -d flag anyway.

        Dan Nelson

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