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running spamassassin on remote host ?

From: Stephan van Hienen
Subject: running spamassassin on remote host ?
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:43:09 +0200

I have one machine with only 128mb memory
not enough to run spamasssin on

now I saw this option in the man page from spamass-milter :

     -D host
             Connects to a remote spamd server on host, instead of using
             on localhost.  This option is deprecated; use -- -d host

but -d should be debugflags according to the manpage

can someone explain if this option is still possible ?
(and how to use ?)

I tried the -D, but then I get this error in my maillog :

Jun 17 09:37:15 mrtg spamass-milter[1859]: Cannot set pipe01
nonblocking: Bad file descriptor

(and one spamass-milter process keeps running at 100% cpu)

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