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duplicate messages

From: Jeff Ramsey
Subject: duplicate messages
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 15:08:40 -0800

Hi all,
        I am using SA 3.0.1, spamass-milter 0.2.0, and Sendmail 8.12.11.
to work fine. I am using it with the sql tables and everything. There is
one problem. I am getting a duplicate for about 2/3 of the mail that is
processed by the server. Here are the flags set for each app:
SPAMDOPTIONS="-u spamassassin -D -d -m10 -x -q"

EXTRA_FLAGS="-f -d3 -b junkmail"

Sendmail: compilied with:
`S=local:/var/run/spamassassin/spamass.sock, F=,

I thought I had this working, and then I started to notice the
duplicates. Maybe there is something I have changed? Maybe it's just a
configuration issue. I have stopped the SA and milter apps, and
recompiled my cf file to not use the milter to make certain that this is
what is causing the issue.

Jeff Ramsey
MIS Administrator
Tubafor Mill, Inc.

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