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Re: Builing latest cvs fails on FreeBSD 5.3

From: Ronan Waide
Subject: Re: Builing latest cvs fails on FreeBSD 5.3
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 18:17:36 +0000

On December 8, address@hidden said:
> Thoughts?

Double-check your CVS setup to make sure it's not accidentally pulling
in older stuff; I recommend the -A flag to override any sticky
files. Of course, it's a new system, so that shouldn't be an
issue. Having done that, check that your copy of contains
a SENDMAIL chunk:

Waider ( $ > grep SENDMAIL 
AC_PATH_PROG(SENDMAIL, sendmail,, [$PATH:/usr/lib])
if test "x$SENDMAIL" = x ; then
AC_ARG_VAR(SENDMAIL, [Path to sendmail])

If it doesn't, you've messed up something somewhere. CVS suggests that
the above check was added in revision 1.31 back in august 2003.

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