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RE: -u option on CVS

From: Daniel A. Deitch
Subject: RE: -u option on CVS
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 13:51:45 -0500

        spamass_milter_flags="-x -u sharedspam -r 15 -d rcpt"

 partial log attached



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Subject: RE: -u option on CVS

Correct ... the Info user doesn't exist, but then it doesn't revert to
the SHAREDSPAM user, it reverts to root ... I'll add the flag and repost


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Subject: Re: -u option on CVS

In the last episode (Feb 05), Daniel A. Deitch said:
> I'm having a strange problem ... the milter is up and working
> beautifully. I have a "-x -u sharedspam" option set to resolve
> Virtmaps and if nothing else, use the "sharedspam" user so that bayes
> and such can learn. The only thing is that when I look through the
> maillog, sometimes it says (I've truncated long lines) this reverts
> to root:
> Feb  5 20:20:40 goitrain spamd[9870]: handle_user: unable to find user
> Feb  5 20:20:40 goitrain spamd[9870]: Still running as root: user not
specified with -u, not found, or set to root.  Fall back to nobody. 
> I've been looking through the maillog and it appears that it resolves
> virtmap names to real local accounts fine. It appears to resolve
> multiple real local recipients to sharedspam. It appears to resort to
> root whenever a pure Virtmap (forward/alias) is used. I have several
> domains that are pure forwards, there are no local accounts. The
> milter does it's job and tags the message, but I lose the bayes and
> learning abilities and the ability to set a custom white/blacklist
> for them as their mail always seems to run as root.

Could you add "-d rcpt" to your spamass-milter commandline and send
another test message?  I'm interested in the sendmail -bv output, what
the incoming address was, and what you expected it to be.  It seems to
have decided the user "info" was the correct one, which doesn't
correspond with a local user on your system.

        Dan Nelson

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