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Re: -r & -b options combined

From: Joe Maimon
Subject: Re: -r & -b options combined
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 13:09:15 -0500
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Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Feb 14), Ronan Waide said:
On February 14, address@hidden said:
I just switched on the -r option on spamass-milter in combination with
-b and I'm slightly dismayed to discover that this means I get a copy
of all the rejected spam as well as the "> spam, < spam-threshold"
mail. I'd kinda expected that 'reject mail' wouldn't go any further

Yes, everyone's expectations are different regarding what -r/b/B
combinations should do.  Joe Maimon has a preliminary patch that
implements one of my TODO items so that you can specify the exact score
ranges that trigger each flag's action.  I haven't looked closely at it
Since I reused a lot of homegrown code, you probably should :-)

The patch also supports multiple invocations of the arguments and rejection messages and also allows you to discard messages as well.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one using it....but it works for me. I havent tested it on the official 0.3.0 yet.

I've just found a much bigger problem with this: it works by spawning
a new sendmail process (yes, I've read the comments on why this is
necessary) which seems to be resulting in an infinite loop as the new
sendmail process also trips the spam filter which in turn starts a
new sendmail process...

Waider. How do I get all these magic brooms back in the closet?

Easiest way is to make sure that all your internal mailservers are
listed in -i.  That won't work if your -b address gets routed in a way
that it exits your mail system and comes back in, though (-b
address@hidden, who has a rule that CCs an internal address, for

The archives should contain a bit on both of these topics.

The patches I have up on the project site also include a "loop-detection" fix.

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