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Re: user preferences and mail relays

From: Todd Lyons
Subject: Re: user preferences and mail relays
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:47:12 -0800
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Michael Grant wanted us to know:

>If I use the -u flag, is that the user that is passed when
>spamass-milter cannot figure out a user to use from the headers?


>There is a file in /etc/mail/local-host-names which contains the names
>of all the domains that my box are known as.  Couldn't spamass-milter
>be smart enough to read this file and then it would know which domain
>was and then it could know to pass user1 instead of
>user2 to spamc?

The question is whether sendmail passes to the milter the username the
remote MTA said it was sending to, or if it passes the username that
sendmail has determined it's being aliased to.

>In this case, the -u option could be used for mail where
>spamass-milter can't figure out the username.

But...that's what it already does?  I must have missed something.

>The one major problem I see is how can spamass-milter figure out the
>user to pass to spamc if the user it gets from address@hidden is an alias
>(i.e. it's not a username on the system).  I don't think it can know. 

Yeah, see my question above.

>In this case, it's going to be better to use procmail at the user
>level when the message is delivered rather than at the milter level.

We're trying to figure out right now how we can do per user
customizations without having to resort to calling it from maildrop.
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