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Re: Milter modifies all mail

From: Dan O'Brien
Subject: Re: Milter modifies all mail
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 11:09:07 -0400

Dan Nelson <address@hidden> wrote>:

> I'll fix that.  I didn't realize you could change the behaviour of the
> X-Spam-Flag header that way.

You rule.  Thanks.

SA 3.0.x changed the way the header stuff works.  In particular, the 
"rewrite_subject" directive got deprecated in favor of "rewrite_header 
subject <parameter>".  Additional X-Spam headers can be added with the 
"add header" directive. 

I know the spamass-milter doesn't propagate all the X-Spam headers from 
SpamAssassin; I asked about this 12/15/2003, and the reason for this was 
the possibility of a spammer forging an "X-Spam-Status: NO" and getting 
past the milter.  Doesn't spamass-milter now delete all existing X-Spam 
headers now, before passing the message to spamc?

I don't know if it's an issue for anyone else, but it would be nice 
(although, frankly, it isn't really that big a deal) to have the Bayes and 
AWL info in the headers with the following directives in SA's

        add_header all Bayes _BAYES_
        add_header all AWL _AWL_

How big a PITA is it to accommodate custom X-Spam headers?  (There's a 
code snippet provided your response to my 12/15/2003 message.)


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