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Re: NULL context in mlfi_close

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: NULL context in mlfi_close
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 09:59:29 -0500
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In the last episode (Apr 22), Gregory Szeszko said:
> I get the following error message when running spamassassin and
> spamass-milter:
> Apr 22 01:50:26 iserve2 spamass-milter[13103]: NULL context in mlfi_close! 
> Should not happen!
> Apr 22 01:50:26 iserve2 spamass-milter[13103]: Could not extract score from <>
> My contains these lines:
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`clamav',`S=local:/var/run/clamav/clamav-milter.sock, F=, 
> T=S:4m;R:4m')dnl
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin',`S=local:/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock, 
> F=, T=C:30m;S:30m;R:30m;E:30m')dnl
> define(`confINPUT_MAIL_FILTERS', `clamav,spamassassin')dnl
> I initially thought that it might be caused by muliptle
> INPUT_MAIL_FILTERS in  But I still get this error even
> if spamassassin is the only milter, like this:

I'm pretty sure it's a sendmail bug (at least in 8.13.3), since
mlfi_connect() sets the context, and the milter documentation doesn't
allow for mlfi_close to be called unless mlfi_connect was called.  See .

        Dan Nelson

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