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Re: NULL context in mlfi_close

From: junk
Subject: Re: NULL context in mlfi_close
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:24:05 -0500
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Quoting Dan Nelson <address@hidden>:

> > It appears to me that the way this works is that sendmail sends data
> > to spamas- milter over a socket.  Spmass-milter then talks to spamd
> > as it were a spamassassin client, spamc.  If spamass-milter is needed
> > and if that's how the exchange takes place, should there not be two
> > different sockets involved here: one from sendmail to spamass-milter
> > and then another one between spamass-milter and spamd.  In my
> > configuration, spamassassin is called with these options:
> >
> > -L -D -d -m5 -uspamd --socketpath=/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock
> >
> > and spamass-milter is called with these:
> >
> > SOCKET="/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock"
> > EXTRA_FLAGS="-m -r 15 -u spamd -- -U/var/run/spammilter/spamass.sock"
> Yes, with that config both sendmail and spamd will be using the same
> socket and there will be trouble.  You can probably just remove the
> --socketpath and -U flags, since both spamc and spamd default to
> communicating over internet sockets at localhost:783.  If you want to
> use unix sockets, point them to something like /var/run/spamd.sock.

OK, thanks for your help.  I now changed the configuration to have spamd and 
spamass-milter use different sockets to talk to each other.  After the first 
restart of spamassassin, spamass-milter and sendmail services, only the spamd 
socket was created.  After the second restart of the spamass-milter, it created 
its socket as well.  Is there a startup sequence between the three that should 
be followed to make sure they are all happy with each other?

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