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Re: Problem with SA/spamass-milter/MySQL/bayes.

From: Steven W. Orr
Subject: Re: Problem with SA/spamass-milter/MySQL/bayes.
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 13:45:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Monday, May 9th 2005 at 12:11 -0500, quoth Dan Nelson:

=>In the last episode (May 08), Steven W. Orr said:
=>> Since I switched over to using MySQL to hold the userprefs, awl and bayes, 
=>> I see that the bayes processing no longer functions.
=>> Here's the relevant bayes debug output for a message that comes in 
=>> addresed to me (address@hidden):
=>> debug: bayes: Using username: root
=>> debug: bayes: Database connection established
=>> debug: bayes: found bayes db version 3
=>> debug: bayes: Using userid: 1
=>> debug: bayes: Not available for scanning, only 191 spam(s) in Bayes DB < 200
=>Just let it run a little longer; it won't score messages until it has
=>trained itself on 200 high and low-scoring messsages.  Not sure why
=>it's saying "root" though.  To see the bayes usage per user, do a
=>"select * from bayes_vars" query.  Are there any non-root lines at all?
=>      Dan Nelson
=>      address@hidden

The message I provided debug data for was addressed to me (steveo). When I 
did the select statment above I see that the steveo account has 3381 spam 
messages and 279619 ham messages. The problem is that the messages sent to 
steveo are connecting to MySQL and thinking to look in the root row 
instead of in the steveo row.

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