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Re: configure not find libmilter

From: Dan Nelson
Subject: Re: configure not find libmilter
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 13:09:52 -0600
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In the last episode (Nov 22), Koichi Mori said:
> I am using Solaris8(sparc)+sendmail-8.12.11+SpamAssassin-3.1.0+
> I am try to making spamass-milter-0.3.0, but I got an error below;
> checking for mi_stop in -lmilter... no
> checking for library containing strlcpy... none required
> checking for mi_stop in -lmilter... no
> configure: error: Cannot find libmilter
> but /usr/lib/libmilter.a is there.
> then I checked config.log. The error was here:
> config.log--------------------------------------------------->
> configure:7084: checking for mi_stop in -lmilter
> configure:7114: g++ -o conftest -g -O2 -Wall -fno-default-inline -fno-inline 
> -D_
> REENTRANT -pthreads  -lbind -L/usr/local/bind/lib -I/usr/local/bind/include 
> conf
> -lmilter  -lresolv -lsocket -lnsl   >&5
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> __inet_addr                         /usr/lib/libmilter.a(listener.o)
> __inet_aton                         /usr/lib/libmilter.a(engine.o)
> __switch_gethostbyname              /usr/lib/libmilter.a(sm_gethost.o)
> ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to conftest

Are you using the BIND package from ibiblio?  If that was installed
before you compiled sendmail, that would explain why libmilter has
references to __inet_addr.

Try running "LIBS=-lbind ./configure".  If that works, I'll add
libbind to the list of libraries configure checks for.

        Dan Nelson

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